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To the Best Person I Know

The world became a better place 37 years ago

I don’t buy overpriced greeting cards for my husband, I just write long sappy love notes, so #sorrynotsorry to anyone who is perpetually annoyed that I regularly sing his praises - on the internet, in real life, to anyone who will listen. 😅 I do it because I mean every word, because he deserves the acknowledgments, and because the least I can do is tell the world that there are people like him in it. Any time I make a casual statement about how great he is, or gush about how he is literally the most wonderful person on the planet, my sentiments are always echoed and met with immediate and absolute agreement from the people who know him. If he’s part of your life in any way, you’re one of the lucky ones.

To most, he’s the guy you call and can always count on to help. To me, he’s my entire world. He’s the reason for everything that’s good in my world.

Years before we ever even considered a romantic relationship, he was the most reliable person in my life. He spent his senior year of high school waiting for me in the hallway every day after school to drive my freshman self home, spent many week nights during his college years coming home and watching American Idol with me, and left his 21st birthday party to take 17 year old me to a gas station to get a non-alcoholic drink. Right before I started college and fate randomly brought us together one night, both single for the first time, something just clicked and we quickly learned that we were it for each other.

I chose him at 18 because he’s been choosing me every day since the day we first met, and I’d still choose him every. single. time, even on our worst days. He’s my ride or die, the person who taught me what love actually looks like, the one who always puts the people he loves first and the one who continues to show up for me unconditionally. Despite the odds, he still gives me the same butterflies in the pit of my stomach and even after a decade and a half, I grow to like him more with each passing year.

Today we celebrate him and the day the world was lucky enough to welcome him into it. Happy Birthday to my favorite human and the best person I’ve ever known. ❤️



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