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6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Cosmetic Skin Care

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

I'm excited to partner with Vital Skin Dermatology this month to share about the wide range of skincare services they provide. I remember my experience beginning the process of learning about cosmetic skincare options. Reflecting back, there's so many things I wish I knew before starting, but I've narrowed it down to what I consider the top six most important pieces of information. If you're curious or considering any type of cosmetic skincare services, I hope this list is helpful.

  1. Choosing the right provider is crucial. Choosing a skincare provider is no different than selecting any other type of medical professional, and I can't stress the importance of finding the best fit for you enough. I can attest to this fully as my first experience with cosmetic skincare was less than ideal. The provider I selected didn't exactly have a personality type that aligned with mine, and I often felt that their main goal was to upsell services. I quickly switched providers after that and have been going to Meghan Baumann, PA-C, for about five years now. Meghan sees patients in the Urbana location and is extremely down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and understanding. My personal goals have always been to avoid altering my natural appearance while enhancing the quality of my skin and maintaining a smooth and youthful skin texture. Meghan has always provided thorough information and sound guidance on the best options to achieve those goals.

  2. Most services are virtually painless. Before my first consultation to discuss cosmetic skincare options, I was absolutely terrified about the entire process. I wouldn't say that I'm overly scared of needles, but the thought of needles anywhere near the face was intimidating. I went into the first appointment an anxious mess and can still remember how shocked I was at how minimally invasive and extremely low-pain the appointment ended up being. For most services, like Botox or Dysport, the needles are small and barely puncture the surface of the skin - comparable to a gentle poke with a small safety pin.

  3. The expectation for the recovery process and timeline for results. Depending on which type of services you go with, the recovery process and results can vary. For lasers and certain types of facials, you can experience redness and texture changes that can take up to a week to fully heal. For injectables, the recovery and reaction can vary depending on your own skin and how likely you are to bruise. From my personal experience, I have been spared from any bruising/swelling/redness and have had no "down-time" or "evidence" of anything that had been done after appointments. For the most part, the full results for Botox or filler take 1-2 weeks after treatment and lasers can take up to a few months and multiple treatments.

  4. Most services won't alter your appearance drastically. If your goals are similar to mine in maintaining your natural appearance and just enhancing the quality of your skin, cosmetic skin care isn't as scary as it may initially seem. I'm sure we've all heard horror stories and seen the "botched" celebrities or "overworked" results (ahem, refer back to item #1 on the importance of choosing the right provider!), but it truly isn't that intimidating once you get started with the right person.

  5. The cost range and maintenance associated with cosmetic skincare. The cost range and maintenance needed for services can vary. For Botox, the product is priced by the unit, so depending on how much you desire/need, your price can range within the low hundreds; while filler is priced by the syringe and can be a bit more of an expense but also varies based on the specific service and personal goal. Maintenance for Botox can range from about 2-4 times per year, and filler can generally last anywhere from 1-5 years. Botox will naturally metabolize from your body more quickly than filler, but filler can also be dissolved easily if you wish to reverse any procedures.

  6. Cosmetic skincare isn't as taboo as you might think. I know I had plenty of opinions and concerns prior to my first appointment, but I was surprised at how many people I knew personally that were experienced and already utilizing cosmetic skin care services. (If you find yourself wondering what someone's secret to amazing skin quality is, chances are that it's a great skincare routine which likely includes some type of cosmetic services.) I personally see these services no differently than facials, daily skincare products, makeup, coloring over gray hairs, hair extensions, micro blading eyebrows, tinting/lifting eyelashes, and so forth. If cosmetic skincare isn't for you, I completely understand that, too. Do whatever feels best for you! I support you either way. :)

Check out my feature on Instagram for an insider look at my most recent visit to Vital Skin Dermatology. As an added bonus, Vital Skin gave me a discount code to share with you! If you are interested in any of their cosmetic skin care services, use code Alyssa10 for 10% off your service.


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