The Honest Mama

Hi! I'm Alyssa Hudson. I work full-time for the Illinois Senate and am a licensed Realtor; but my top three designations are: Wife, Mom, and Dance Enthusiast.

My husband, Clayton, and I have been friends since my freshman year of high school and began dating right as I was beginning my freshman year of college in August 2007. We were engaged when I was just 20 years old and were married in August 2010. We love to travel and have celebrated many of our biggest milestones together in Mexico. Our greatest and proudest accomplishment together is our daughter, Everleigh, who was born in May 2016.


Dance has been a part of my life as long as I can remember - from dancer, to coach/choreographer, to judge, to state dance organization officer, to national representative for my state dance organization. I have been humbled to earn seven state championships and a Hall of Fame induction as a coach; but more importantly, I have been truly blessed to have gained life lessons and lasting friendships with so many people through all of my dance experiences. 


I began coaching competitive dance when I was just 19 and have learned most of life’s lessons from my coaching experiences. Within my first few years of coaching competitive dance team, I will never forget the moment that someone said to me, “You aren’t just coaching dance. You are empowering the women of our future!” That resonated with me, and I’ve always felt a tremendous sense of responsibility to do my part in empowering young ladies and fellow women to excel and chase after their dreams.

In my limited spare time, I enjoy running, cardio boxing/kickboxing, re-watching episodes of Friends millions of times, reading motivational books and thriller novels, cocktails with friends, attempting to DIY (always with the help of a super handy hubby), learning to cook new healthy recipes that actually taste good, and most forms of chocolate.

In July 2016, at 3:00am in a hotel room with my husband and 10-week old daughter both sound asleep, I started a blog called "Honest New Mama" with the hope of sharing my struggles and triumphs as a new mom. "Honest New Mama" has since developed into "The Honest Mama," where you can learn more about my experiences as a mom, wife, and working woman constantly chasing after a sense of wholeness.

Thank you for coming along with me on some of my most vulnerable journeys!


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