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A Little Work & a Lot of Play

Before we began the giant undertaking of building our own home, we thoroughly analyzed the house plans and started the interior design process for each space. Our plans came with an option for a basement drawn as one huge open space, so it was a blank slate for us to carve out. Since our house is filled with unique angles, we had plans for the majority of the basement, but we were left with a large awkwardly shaped open area at the bottom of our staircase.

We were extremely detail oriented when it came to planning everything with the build, but even as the paint was going up on the walls, I still had absolutely no clue what we were going to do with that space at the bottom of the stairs. With our staircase and railing being open, the space is visible from the main entryway in our home, so I knew I needed to be considerate with the sight lines. Initially, I played with the idea of having a sitting room/library type of space there, but with the size of the room, it just didn’t fill the space adequately.

In addition to moving into a new home during the pandemic, like many of us over the past few years, I was forced to re-evaluate the way I work. We lived here for about six months with me working on a laptop from the kitchen island or from the daybed in our bedroom, and I knew I needed a more functional workspace for virtual meetings and focus times. Since Everleigh was also by my side at home full time, parallel play became an important part of our daily routine.

We decided that the best use of this unique open area was a home office and parallel play space. Since the space was awkwardly shaped with all of its angles and we were essentially creating two separate spaces within one room, I knew I could use the help of someone with more expertise in designing interior spaces. I contacted my friend Katie at Country Home Charm and we had a virtual consultation which completely shaped the visions for the space. Katie provided invaluable insight into the best way to arrange the room as well as decor concepts since she knew I wanted a feminine pink and gold aesthetic.

Within ten days of my live consultation with Katie, the room was finished and it was better than I could have imagined. Thanks to Katie’s expert eye for sight lines, the oddly shaped room became a space that makes perfect sense and just fits with the style of our home. I finally had an ideal designated office space which became a place where I could focus on work and watch my daughter play simultaneously.

The two most unique and sentimental features in this space are our custom swings from Home Sweet Cedar which are not only fun, but provide a perfect transition in the open wall that separates the office/playroom from the bar and family room, and the framed splatter painting that Everleigh and I created together. I wanted pink and gold artwork to hang above the chair in the sitting area, and everything I found seemed overpriced and impersonal. Our DIY solution was simple, inexpensive, and created the best memories.

For the painting, we already had the brushes we needed, so we purchased a large canvas and gold frame from Hobby Lobby and acrylic paint in gold and two shades of pink. I let Everleigh do most of the splatter work and I filled in gaps to ensure that the canvas was covered well with each color. Now we have a piece of art that is timeless and filled with sentiment.

Most of the items you see in the space are linked here. If you’re working from home, I highly recommend taking the time to create a space that you enjoy being in and that functions well for your needs!

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